HSMM-Mesh VTUN Tunneling Cannot reach remote nodes across the tunnel

Cannot reach remote nodes across the tunnel
 A defect in the hotplug subsystem on Linksys hardware will cause errors when trying to connect to nodes across the tunnel.
The workaround is to insert the line below IN BOLD into the following file:   /etc/hotplug.d/net/13-vtun
====================== TOP OF THE FILE ==============
# Handles setting up rules for tunnel interfaces             
#echo "Interface is $INTERFACE $ACTION" >> /tmp/vtundscript.log
case "$INTERFACE" in
===== REMAINDER OF THE FILE =========

Without this line, the firewall rules are not executing properly.
After adding this line to both my tunnel nodes (using WinSCP) and rebooting, I am now able to connect to the far end node from my vtun server and even log into it to make changes.

Here is a picture of my vtun client/server hardware using Linksys routers: 

Both routers are Rogers WRT54G-RG Linksys (same as WRT54GS). The bottom unit is the vtun client currently only connected to K5DLQ's server, the other is the vtun server which connects to several local client nodes. The two switches are cheap Dynex units, the lower one feeds internet to both nodes from one port of my ISP modem/router. The upper switch enables DTDLink communications between the vtun nodes rather than have all the data on the RF link.

I have DHCP disabled on the vtun client node, DHCP is handled by the vtun server node.

Darryl K5DLQ

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