About HSMM-Mesh

MESH Networking using WiFi
HSMM = High Speed Multi-Media

High-speed multimedia radio (HSMM) - is the implementation of wireless data networks over amateur radio frequenciesusing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware such as 802.11 access points.

The mesh networking project has generated a lot of interest HAM's members.  The potential for high speed, ad hoc, network connectivity has many applications in the Amateur Radio service.

Only licensed amateur radio operatorsmay use amplifiers and specialized antennas to increase the power and coverage of the 802.11 signal.

Project Goals
  • Develop an understanding of mesh networking protocols.
  • Test various hardware (Linksys and Ubiquiti) in theoretical and real world applications.
  • Identify and document the strengths and weaknesses of various hardware available for mesh networking.

Project Accomplishments

  • Setup a mesh for the local amateur radio operators using Linksys routers and provide videos in the Toronto Canada (ARES coordinates volunteer communications)

High-speed multimedia radio (HSMM) 
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