Broadband-Hamnet how-to for WRT54G-RG (Rogers router) and WRT54G-TM (T-Mobile router)

Broadband-Hamnet how-to for WRT54G-RG (Rogers router)  and WRT54G-TM (T-Mobile router)

Note that these routers are equivalent to the Linksys WRT54GS v3.0 router and thus have the additional memory needed to load the extra files to implement vtun (see Tunnel Install Instructions at: 

To prepare, download the latest version of the BBHN “bin” file supporting the WRT54GS v3 from: (in the following, I was installing bbhn-3.1.0 onto a new “RG” router).

Make sure you don't power off the router at any time during the upgrade. Wait 5 min after each software change for everything to settle down and all directories and files to be written by the router operating system.

1.Power-up the router and wait for it to boot.
2.Hold reset button for 10 seconds... then let go for 5 seconds...then press for another 10 seconds (this ensures a proper reset)
3.Power cycle router and allow to boot (solid power light indicates boot completed).
4. Connect PC to router LAN port and allow it to acquire a DHCP IP address.
5. Log in to router (Google Chrome works well) at (no username; password = admin)
6. Change PC network card to static IP eg. (Netmask:
7. Click on Administration tab; then Firmware Upgrade tab. Click “Choose File” and navigate to firmware file "CFE_Updater-WRT54G-RG.bin", or “CFE_Updater-WRT54G-TM.bin”. Click “Upgrade”.

8. should come back and say UPGRADE IS SUCCESSFUL. Wait a few seconds and then Click Continue. After a bit, your browser will indicate that the webpage is not available.
9. Don’t touch anything for about 5 minutes. (Power light will still be flashing).
10. Change PC IP to static IP open a "dos window" and issue “ping –t” You should get timeouts or TTL=100. Power indicator will still be flashing.
11. Now also run “tftp.exe” and set server to with no password and select the “dd-wrt.v24-12548_NEWD_mini.bin” file then click Upgrade. Should say “firmware was upgraded successfully” and show a Green spot. After a few minutes the ping results should change to TTL=64 in the DOS window.
12. Wait for at least 5 min before you touch anything. You can now close the dos window and the tftp.exe program.
13. Power-cycle the router, log in to DD-WRT ( for the first time (you will have to choose a log-in ID and password – eg. “admin” / ”admin”). (delete what is in the entry field first) Click Change Password.
14. Click the Administration tab (enter your new user-name/password) and go to Firmware Upgrade. Select “reset to default settings” then browse for “bbhn-3.1.0-wrt54gs-2.4-squashfs.bin” and click Upgrade.
15. Wait 5 minutes...router will reboot; wait for power light to stop flashing and wireless light to flicker randomly. The router will appear as an access point called MeshNode on wifi channel 1.
16. Set PC back to DHCP and reconnect to router (IP address range will change to range).
17. Log in to router @ and click Setup (username = root; password = hsmm). You can also connect using a wireless device (like an iPad) to complete the setup.
18. In SETUP, enter your callsign into the Node Name, along with a numeric designator (eg. ve3xxx-1, etc...).
Check the Mesh Gateway box for internet access. Enter a password and then click on Save Changes. The router will then reboot (it is now a BBHN node and can no longer be connected to wirelessly with a laptop or iPad).
19. Let the PC get a new IP ( from the node, and then login at “ http://localnode.local.mesh:8080 “ via a LAN port. Changes can be made with the user name of “root” and the password you set in the previous step.

A zip file with all of the needed files etc. for the install of BBHN can be downloaded from:
Broadband-Hamnet on WRT54G-RG and


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